Cinderella is dead- Book review

Cinderella is dead
Author– Kaylnn Bayron
Stars 3

The story takes place 200 yrs after Cinderella story took place . It’s revolves around Sophia who is a lesbian and tries to rebel against the cruel king . The king has made rules that each year a ball will be held and the men will choose the women they want to marry through the ball , even if the women disagres she has to get married no matter what . Sophia doesn’t want to attend by the ball as she likes someone else. The story continues as Sophia tries to reveal the real story of Cinderella and Stop the reign of the king

I first thought this book was about Cinderella but it turned out different . I was disappointed with the way the book was written because I thought it became boring at points but it was a very different story and I liked it’s uniqueness. Even though the nature of Prince Charming’s characters was shown cruel which I don’t like. I really had q nice time reading it but definitely could have a lot more better

Spoiler alert

The fact that Fairy godmother was Charming’s mother was something I really do dint like along with the weird ending . The killing scene of king manford could have been more interesting .I liked the part that the stepsisters were shown as good characters

I would not completely recommend this book but if you are willing to try a new kind of story then this is a good read

By Ishita Pillay