You are closer to your goal than you think!

Do you ever open your social media and feel like everyone is progressing but you? Do you get that sinking feeling? and often takes over every other emotion and all that is left is dismay. We often hear things like “don’t be fooled by social media” or “everyone shows their success not their failure” but in the end one still ends up thinking about how lucky those people are without knowing what they have been through. That is the power social media has over our minds and emotions.

Thinking about what’s wrong with our lives and not realizing how better off we are than most people makes us an ungrateful human being. Instead of thinking what goes on in other people’s lives wouldn’t it be more beneficial if we just focused on our own. Well it definitely would be but it is easier said than done. Every night we go to sleep thinking that tomorrow I will get my life together and the next morning if even a single things doesn’t go by our plan, we abandon the plan all together. If this keeps happening we slip in a phase where there is only one thought “why aren’t good things happening for me”. Well let me tell you this, if you keep waiting around for things to magically happen, you will be waiting forever. All you have to do to make things happen is HUSTLE.

Again, it is easier said than done but we all have to start somewhere. Let’s begin with adopting a positive mindset. In order to do so we must accept that everything that happens, good or bad happens for a reason and the outcome will only make us stronger. If we proceed towards our goal thinking about the joy and satisfaction it would bring us then maybe we won’t have to struggle so much to begin. Next, we must not procrastinate. Procrastination is the mother of all problems. Try to finish your tasks when you receive them. This will give you the sense of accomplishment you so desire. Put everything you got in the task. Give it your best shot and let your work speak for itself. Another thing to keep in mind is to never let a third party discourage you. A lot of people desire what you have and they will try to stop you from going further. You must never let anyone come between you and your goal. Keep going until you know you are there.

Hustling is a part of life. You have to constantly work on yourself to reach where you want to go. Nothing in life comes easy. If everything was that easy you wouldn’t be feeling so dejected all the time. When you do all the work and see the results yourself, let me tell you there is no greater satisfaction than that. As they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It takes time for great things to happen and if you keep going they eventually workout. So, don’t be fooled by those posts on social media because you need to know that even they worked hard to get there and who knows how many failures they have faced even though they don’t show it. All you need is a new perspective towards your life and it is a smooth sail from thereon.

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