Marriage – A woman’s perspective

Is marriage considered a new beginning?

What exactly marriage is?

Marriage, often called matrimony or wedlock is a sacred union usually between a man and a woman regulated by all laws and customs. It is true we all need a true companion to live our lives with. No matter how independent and financially stable one becomes, nothing can replace a partner in life be it a man or a woman.

We are all well aware that a woman’s life takes a drastic turn when she gets married. Women are born with an adjusting and caring nature. She is suppose to leave her house and get adjusted in a new surrounding and serve her in laws there. That is what our culture says and we shouldn’t question. But nowhere does our culture says to torture her to the extreme, though tolerance runs in her blood. Why can’t we simply make her life beautiful at the new place? Nowadays, women work. Not all in laws permit this. Even if they do, she is to do all her house chores and then leave the house and return as soon as possible and again do the house chores. Why can’t men lend a hand? There are no gender roles assigned. Both can share their chores so that life gets a little easy.

Husband and wife sharing house chores for a better lifestyle

Women do have dreams of a married life

When a woman gets married, all she prays is to be happy thereafter. She dreams a beautiful life. If she is a working woman, she’ll surely wish to continue to it. Marriage should never be an obstacle. With all the sacrifices, a little she wishes is to be happy. Marriage means union. When the two unite, they must live together and grow together. A supportive husband is all she need. A woman after marriage faces a lot of issues. From sacrifices to challenges, she has to bear it all.


A woman leaves her house and family where with whom she had lived till then. One fine day she is to move out and serve another family then on. She may also have to resign her job and leave her studies mid way. She may not be able to follow her passion and hobbies in her new place. She loses almost everything which made her happy. Is it not right for her to wish for happiness at least?


A married woman has to face a lot of challenges in life. She has to run a family, surely not an easy task. One wrong decision by her may break down the family into bits and pieces. A newly wed bride may have to face severe dowry tortures. That is another big challenge in a woman’s life.

Do watch outA 24 year old girl harassed to death for dowry.


A woman expects just happiness. A supportive husband and the in laws who loves and cares as their own daughter. What better position could she ever get? She strives to achieve that post from the very first day. That’s what she craves. Just happiness and acceptance.

To conclude, this was all a woman’s perspective of marriage. Men too no doubt face a lot of challenges after marriage. To feed a family by custom becomes a man’s responsibility and till date, it does not differ. It is a tough job indeed. But what a woman percieves and expects out of a marriage should be brought to light. Talking for a woman nowadays is unnecessarily and rebelliously termed as feminism, when it is actually not.

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