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Carnatic Music is one of the Oldest Music that originated from India. The Music was popularly practiced in the states of : Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. Carnatic Music is one of the subgenres of Classical Music of India. Saraswati : Hindu God of music .

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The 4 basic elements that make the Carnatic Music are:

  • The mode of Music (Raga)
  • The Musical Pitch (Sruthi)
  • The Musical Sound of a Note (Swara)
  • The Rhythmic Cycles (Tala)

Raga is Melodic system/Musical personality .“That which colors the mind.”. No Western equivalent Definition . A collection of notes, a scale, intonation, ornaments, resting tones. It has particular musical characteristics and phrases that give it a distinct recognizable identity. Connected with human emotions . 9 traditional rasa – “flavors” Love, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, wonder, heroism, laughter, religious devotion (peacefulness) . Can be very powerful- magical properties Causing rain, auspiciousness, charm snakes . Can be associated with deities, seasons, time of day

Tala is Organization of time in music . regularly recurring metric cycle . Spectrum of time in Indian thought . Fraction of a second . Yugahs – goelogical time period . Theoretically there are hundreds of tala . Four dominate today . Most tala can be performed at a fast, medium or slow tempo .

Generally Carnatic Music is sung as Compositions. The Compositions are called Kirti (Kirtanam). This is done for making learning and teaching of Carnatic Music easier. Carnatic Music is basically meant to be sung. The main singer of Carnatic Music is called a vocalist.  Carnatic Music can be played in musical instruments. The music while played on musical instruments should follow the singing style. While singing Carnatic Music, it can be accompanied by many musical instruments mainly violin and also Tambura, Mirudangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, Veena and many more.

Unlike Modern music or Western Music, Carnatic Music is known for the melodious feeling it gives to the audience. Carnatic musical can be performed either just musical or also musical dramatic. Carnatic Music is the major part of the Indian Cultural Dances. Most of the Indian Classical Dances can be performed with the help of Carnatic Music only.

Carnatic Music is filled with rasas and the porridge of Godhead narratives with rich values, every vocal is beautiful in its ain manner. With diverse substitutions and combinations each raga therefore formed and disposed wordss blended, sprouts out significances. Vedas say that carnatic music is a tract to the Godhead. 

Carnatic Music is considered as one of the symbols of our culture and tradition. People respect musicians who are well versed in Carnatic. Carnatic Music is still performed in cultural festivals and big events of our country and “Music Season” (Largest Cultural Event in the world) is conducted in this place. Chennai (located in Tamil Nadu) is known as the Locus for Carnatic Music. The artists who perform Carnatic Music should be well experienced and qualified since Carnatic Music cannot be sung so easily and perfectly by normal people.

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