Dree Festival

Today that is ,on 5th July 2021 , Arunachal Pradesh is celebrating three day festival called Dree. It is said to be most auspicious festival of Apatani tribe ( of the tribe that resided in Arunachal Pradesh). Dree is celebrated in order to bring a bountiful harvest season, hence Apatani offers prayers to four Gods they follow — Tamu, Harmiang, Metti and Danyi. This three day long festival is joyously celebrated with traditional clothes worn by women and children.

The reason behind the celebration of Dree is just as sacred as the festival itself. It is believed that two person i.e. Aane Donw and Abba Lwba when first set for the journey of cultivation they had to face many challenges and hurdles. Not only they had difficulty in finding the right seed, they also had to fight a Demon called Pyokun Pembo Pyoyi Tadu . This demon was eliminated with great efforts but their struggle was far from over. From the stomach of demon emerged swarms of insects and pest and rice birds. They attacked the crops in the field which led to poor harvest and subsequent hunger and famine. It was in order to alleviate the impending hunger and famine that a series of rituals were observed in the month of Dree

Thus this festival is celebrated to have good harvest. It is celebrated with such enthusiasm and exuberance that whoever visits Ziro ( place in Lower Subansiri district , where most Apatani Tribe resides) at this time could feel the radiance of happiness and joy. Throughout this festival games and sports are actively partaken that make the festival more interesting and entertaining.