Fearless Version of Your Own Will Be Rescued Tomorrow!

Your Constitution of Fearlessness:

Have you forgotten the definition of fearlessness, only for memorizing the phrasal verbs of English grammar, the scientific names of Biology, The periodic table of Chemistry or the pages after pages of memorable dates of History?

     Yes, if it so, then keep it in mind that your next stop is in your death!!

Be brave. Be strong. Be fearless. - Quotes You Need
Be brave, Be strong in your personal life (Pic Source: Google)

14 billion years ago some accident made the universe  bang into existence. Another mysterious accident sprang to life on Earth . Even when the 1st cell is divided into two, Life has always struggled to survive. Even though death gives life its meaning, death is meaningless without a proper life. So will you be sure that you bravely utilized your life before you become the sustenance for insects?

Well, when India is celebrating her independence with a lot of propaganda, parades , songs & anthem, One question arises: Are you really free as an individual, neither as a resident of any state/ Metropolitan city nor as a proud citizen of an almost self-sufficient India?

So let’s not just sing songs and watch parades, rather ratify your own constitution for your own individuality ( so that the nuisance of hundreds of fears inside your heart temple cannot throw you out).

  1. Stop planning:  Too much planning makes us fearful – if the planning doesn’t come implemented, how will I manage? – This fear Kills the cells of our courage.
  2. Go back to Basics: While life intends to be happy in every step, the suggestion here goes like – Simplicity is the key to Happiness & fearlessness. Whenever & wherever you do something simple things, that comprises your creativity and that originality provides smile to your lips every time and you feel yourself out of fear in your own world.
  3. Release Control & Allow Yourself to make mistakes: Most of us fear not the ghosts or the scorpions; rather we fear to make mistakes — So allow yourself to make mistakes after all, that’s where learning and growth really happens. Learning comes from failures and that needs to release control. Your mistakes won’t make your head down, so make mistakes as much as you want & as long as you can.
  4. Learn to Love: Yes, you don’t know the definition of love at all. You think, love means love to any one sweetheart — No, not like that; as Nachiketa rightly pointed out —

“ভালবাসা কোন পেসমেকার নয়,

কোন এক বুকে নেবেই যা আশ্রয়;

ভালোবাসা তো মুক্ত হাওয়া;

বহু মনে খুজে পাওয়া;

নানা রাগে কোমল আর গান্ধার”

from “Ki Hobe” album of Nachiketa

The unconditional love will destroy the handcuffs of giant fear. 

5. Jerk out your ego: Once I heard one conversation of two friends : 1st one is asking the 2nd one, “why haven’t you wished Moonal (their mutual friend ) Happy Birthday?” Then the 2nd friend replied, “why would I ? She haven’t wished me on my birthday.”

         This is ego he hasn’t done. So I won’t do it. This Type of little little egoistic behavior will make us more unfree from the core of our hearts & that will carefully construct your fearful entity !So Get your ego out through your very breathing.

6. Stare at fearless people: Feel your brain with images of what you want it your tomorrow self to look like. Pick up your role models and contact them as you can weather in person through a book or online. That will serve the source to combat your fear.

7. Be aware of fear in your life: Before you begin overcoming fear you have to admit that you have it and besides you have to keep it in mind that fear is your normal site of being.

So take 10 minutes and write down some aspects of your life, where you feel fear. Get them down on paper and throw the script wherever you want that will plant a seed of fearlessness in your tender Heart.

8. Visualize your future situation without fear: Imagine yourself in a scary situation without fear. Think about the worst situation your life may pass through. What people do things fearlessly that will normally freak you out. Visualize yourself as that person and think what you would have done if it happened to you.

9. Be stupid, out of stereotypes: Remember once you are willing to risk the emotional pain of making mistakes, you will successfully Shed more fear than you ever imagined. The works that are stupid to others will help you obtain information by which you will invent your creativity. 

Keep in mind that if you copy something/ some Attitude from anywhere, there fear that will kill you every moment to lose the same; but what your creation it’s extremely yours and has no fear to be lost, rather your creativity will gradually possess the area that previously your fear possessed.

10. Read books: A lot of intellectuals will recommend you to read the books on how to succeed in life, but please refrain from obeying this advice as well as them! Read whatever you want with fearlessness. Read the books of failure. As followed by APJ Abdul Kalam, 

APJ Abdul Kalam’s Fearless Quote

The causes of being feared is rightly scripted in the song sung by Srikanto Acharya

“না রে, সাহস করে স্বপ্ন তো কেউ দেখছে না,

না রে, সত্যি কথা মুখ ফুটে কেউ বলছে না”

from “Bristi Tomake Dilam” album of Sikanto Acharya

So don’t delay, don’t cheat your life, do try in new adventurous activity, dare to experience the world in a different way. You are not sure if the alarm clock will be able to wake you up tomorrow, so wherever you face hindrance today, just pat your chest and say,

“Oo Chachchu, All Is Well”

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