Education is the word that means learning. We all know that education is very important in this modern period of time, without education in this modern era no one will success in their life, it’s important for everyone. In our country India education system on previous time such as 15 to 20 years ago is very bad in condition or very weak; the children’s who are belong from poor family they have no money to educate themselves, as we know that on that time there is no equality in the society male were dominating the whole of the society. And slowly the changes are has been made in the society people changes their thinking first of all o previous time education is not considered so much important in the society but in this modern period of time education is compulsory for all. There are many projects that are launched recently in India that are doing a very good work by giving education to children’s who are poor and can’t afford the education fees. They will provide education along with training and development of every single individual and for achieving the position from developing country to a developed one it is necessary to educate each and every individual in their life. In this modern era children want to educate in their life because they know that without education they will can’t do anything in their life. There are many universities and colleges which provide scholarship in their campus for free education which will creates a great opportunity for a poor individual who are not able to pay their fees due to poverty. If someone has a skill and ability to do any work but he have no education then he cannot implement the skill on his work.

           There are three groups of people such as the higher class, the middle class and the last one is lower class which is below poverty line. The difficulties are specially faced by the middle class and the lower class because they will not afford the fees of a very big university. Therefore education seems difficult to this class of people group. Education also helps in developing the personality and increase confidence. An individual who is belonging from a poor society, if he becomes educated then he have to do something for society also. May be he will open a school in his area where really it is tough to being educated. The places such as village where schools are very far and it become difficult to go school daily for education. From my point of view it seems to be a very difficult task for those children who have to cross the river, there is no vehicle and in season of monsoon it creates more challenges that have to face by the children. But the good thing is that the education system of India is developing slowly, and it is good news for those children who want to becoming educated in their life. In village areas one more problem is initiated that the children who have time for study insist of that they have to work for his home such as in field of framing, he have to cuts wood from jungle for cooking , and many more the ;list is very big and different types of children have different types of problem.

So we have to change the thinking of the poor people, that how much education is an important tool to us and how its impact in the whole career of the children. It is found that in poor family basically that someone father is a farmer then later his son also becomes a farmer, then it will passing from generation to generation. Therefore it is necessary to change the thinking of poor people. So the parents are also plays a important role in every children life that where they want to send their children for education or insist of that the work that has been followed generation after generation from this there future may be spoil. And if they will send their children for education then he will success in their life and it is good for the living society also from which he belongs too from that one individual, many individual motivated towards him and giving importance to education in their life. Therefore the point is that we have to know the truth of the society that yes till now also there are many villages where education is difficult to get. We have to join government and private programs that are related to education in the backward areas and helping them to motivate every single individual towards the education.

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  1. Education is important. As one who received an education prior to the developing propaganda programs, my peers and I did okay. But in the University, we saw the growing “dum#ing” down of education. So, what I did, while in college, was to take additional classes of interest, but research what I didn’t believe the professor knew enough. We “used” the professors to spur our own education, while working in various fields, taking on hobbies, and learning on our own, like taking apart car parts and putting them back together, teaching ourselves with a maintenance book beside. ***While I wholeheartedly believe in education, and I taught a long time in various arenas, what is in propaganda camps today is dum#ing down our youth. Part of the proof is in the adults/parents who grew up in this crumbling system, then unable to instruct their own children save the ones who truly think for themselves.
    ***For this, I’ll give two examples of what can be (No…three). 1) A co-teacher and I taught our students to write with perfect grammar (in both essays and stories), meaning proper paragraphing (real paragraphs with themes), proper quotations (with all punctuation correct), and much more. And we could do this at the third grade level, including writing plays in proper formats and putting on shows in class. 2) We taught the children the three branches of government, to the point they understood how Congress operates, how bills become laws, and how each branch is a check on the other two (Or supposed to be according to the U.S. Constitution.), and we had them write their own bills, explaining their proposed laws with the pros and reasons. In some classes, the students created their own 3-D cities with homes, businesses, streets, parks, and more so that they can understand city planning and rules needed. 3) We taught the students, through discussions and essays, how to reason for themselves. They were told, in some essays, not to only think of what they want to prove, but add disagreements they know others might have, and this way, to encourage them to answer their own questions. Of course, we challenged them. **All of this and much more, including creating menus, can be done all the way down to the third grade level (Perhaps even second grade if one can adapt the lessons to younger kids.). But all of this, as I see it, is easy. In other words, given real schools, we could raise the bar and the kids would love it. ***Here’s a question I had while younger, but better considered as a teacher. Why were we not taught about the internal goings-on of communist Germany and Russia (i.e. Soviet Union)? There is a plethora of materials, and if we had learned, been taught, how much more would we understand the dynamics today? Consider. I would never send a single child to one of these propaganda camps. In all the years we taught, we raised the bar, but the students were coming to our class, at the beginning, less and less able year after year, so we used our years to do damage control, then raise their own self-confidence. Every single time I’ve ever met a home schooled child or graduate, they have always been leaps and bounds ahead of their propaganda camp peers. Of course, not ahead of my own students for I taught them to think for themselves, even disagree with me (respectfully) if they can prove otherwise. Education is important, but it’s the right education, and we learned to do this for ourselves, on our own, with our own resources. I actually had to correct much of what my professors taught, but I did this on my own, using their misinformation to find the real.