Hill Stations Getting Overcrowded

Visuals from Manali

Amidst the heat waves in various places across the country people are setting off to the hill stations . Manali, Shimla, Mussoorie and many more hill stations are now packed up by people. Hotels are running out of beds .

The pandemic has tested the patience and strength of all of us since it has been over a year now Covid has infiltrated our lives. With lockdown imposed regularly the number of tourists declined in the previous year. It was now when the lockdown has just been lifted and the second wave has started to ease out that people decided to visit the hill stations . Moreover most of the people have summer vacations at this point of time.

Nainital administration has announced that once the parking reaches the limit ,tourists will be allowed to enter according to the availability of the space. Although the hoteliers are enthralled since the occupancies of the rooms has peaked, but it is adding a lot of problems to the tourists especially when the rainy season has set off. As a result a lot tourists are returning midway.

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Last year Shimla faced utter water crisis and the tourists were urged not to visit. Therefore with this overcrowding water pollution , air pollution aggravates and the whole purpose of setting off to hill stations in the lap of nature demolishes. There are even some cities where even RT PCR is not compulsory .

Although the second wave is at its departure , the third wave is at large which is speculated to arrive in end August and is supposed to peak in September. Therefore it is advised to be careful and not to assume that Covid is over and avoid visiting to the hill stations especially when it is overcrowded . Although vaccinations shields from the virus but since its efficacy is not 100% the protocol of wearing mask, using sanitizer and keeping distance should be followed.