Best Side Hustles to Start to Make Money Online

Money is a forever commodity, needs may remain the same but the ways have changed, traditional ways of 9-5 jobs are pretty much out of fashion, there are many resources available to give your bank account a kick start, one of them and most common is Online Business.

Online Business does not require any college degree, a particular interest, All of the above, can be started from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection,  a laptop/PC, and a willingness to work for part-time income.

There are various jobs available online based on easy-to-build-up skillsets, which may require no prior knowledge but guidance towards the interested hustle.

Therefore,  If you are starting from scratch here are some ideas and details you need to know. 

  1. Digital Marketing Agency & Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing can be done both online and offline but for social media marketing the only pathway followed is online.

These fields are based on traffic generated i.e the followers, views, and similar engagement of people on that account. Social media and digital marketing agencies particularly develop ads and engaging content usually for other businesses and their products and services for which the individual is paid up to $500.

Sources used for the job are Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Adsense, copywriting skills, hashtag marketing.

Required skillset can be developed using Youtube videos, Google skill shop, edX online courses, etc.

2)Blogging and SEO

This online field is often underrated but in reality, it has better scope for longer-term.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, It is a process for making your published content ranked by the search engine and browser’s algorithms.

An informative blog following a trendy niche often gets regular views making blogger up to $700-1000 a month, Blogger can add $1000 more into the income with affiliate marketing and promoting well-paid ads on the blogging website.

SEO can give the outer edge if the blog uses keyword-rich phrases, catchy headlines, and user-friendly language.

Skills can be learned by any copywriting course.

Other interests such as content writing and designing are included in the same being a major part of it.

3)Making money with App Development.

This hustle requires basic coding skills but is in high demand, developers can earn up to $5000, by selling themselves on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc, or can promote themselves on social media or via email marketing to get more jobs as a freelancer.

The app development can be further subdivided into ios and android app development, both payback almost equally but requires skills in different coding languages.

App development skills can be learned from edX courses, Coursera, udemy , coding websites, etc.

4)Dropshipping with Shopify,  Affiliate Marketing,       Ecommerce

Shopify is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. You can promote the product you wanna sell ( not necessarily to be your product) , one can buy the product at a cheaper rate and sell it at on integrated price keeping the commission.

All products are sold online giving the sellers a huge passive income primarily based on the product’s demand and stock.

This program needs no prior skill set only the selection of the right product and planned selling tactics can earn you the profit. Also, the product price range will be decided by the seller along with the profit margins .while a portion of it will be taken by a service like Shopify, for advertising and helping with the sales.

There are many opportunities and despite age, gender or background, it is a matter of willingness and hard work, willpower to grow can dig canals to achievable wealth and part-time career goals. Online business is easy to start with many profits. Find and start your gig now! 

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