Gandhiji And Freedom

Freedom from fear is more important than legal justice.

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Gandhiji in 1917, led the Civil Disobedience Movement spark in Champaran against the British rule, for the cause of poor peasants, who were crushed under the might and power of Britishers. Hence, he wanted to build a self-reliant, united and independent army of the peasants, emerging from their weakness, despair and suppression. Gandhiji led a protest march and rallies to usher in the independence and liberty from British rule. Hence, this politics was not intervened with complicated socio-economic problems but was of the day to day problems like education and healthcare.

Salt March - Wikipedia
Civil Disobedience Movement.

A true politician is like a scientist, who collects all the facts related to the problem, interconnects them and then arrive at a result. The politics of today, is fickle and hollow. The present situation of society lacks both, to be in law and order, a nation should have a good law followers as well as makers for fear to fade. Instead, today’s politics is intervened with corruption, blames games and agitate people to do wrong things and follow evil practices so as to gain utmost support. Truth and devotion for nation lacks within the politics followed today.

The law of today, indeed creates fear in the minds of the people and forces them to break the law and not abide it.

Therefore, good and visionary people are need of the hour today, to make countrymen free from fear.

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