Has education became a status

India has been one of the top most countries producing skill full labors and day by day India’s literacy rate has been increasing at a reasonable rate . But the question is everyone is learning with their own interest. if yes , why do we still hear news about suicides because of stress. if no , what would be the reason lets find out .

Even though India is one of the country which produces large number of skillfull labors students are being forced to study engineering or medical even though he/her has no interest in studying that its because their parents think that it will be suitable . We never ask for opinion of our children i am not saying about everyone there are still some parents exist who always asks for their kids opinion but majority dont and we have to accept it .

The reason parents wants their kids to take engineering thinking that they will have a better future but the thing is a guy could find a future anywhere but where could he be really happy besides parents caring for the future of their children now its have became a matter of status . Everyone will be thinking now what does education has to do with status??

Our society has poisoned people mind with fake thoughts . We people still wait for hours and hours just to get admission for our children when even government schools have same portion and same level of education. But its is not about studies its about name of the school its about status of the school its about fees its like the higher the fees structure higher will be the status .

Now a days we hear lots of things going on in famous schools students their are harassed by the teachers who is older than their parents but even though people see this daily soon after the schools starts its admission they are wait in long lines for hours and hours in same school and gonna send their son/daughter to learn under the teachers who kept quite without reporting these things even when they knew what was going on

what will bring an end to this ????

who actually sets these standards comment your opinion

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