Is work from home good for you?

More than a year have passed since the pandemic arrived. After lockdown announced, many of us started working from our homes. After sometime it become stressful. We don’t know when our lives becomes normal again. Will we go to the office again – and, if so, how often? We all know that work will never be the same, even after corona. What would it be like to have “work clothes” again?

According to research, those who work from home tend to report high levels of stress. When working from home, many people may experience distractions and interruptions throughout the day. People find themselves getting less exercise than they would do in an office setting. When we’re not active throughout the day, we didn’t feel tired at night which affect sleep quality. During your work hours, you may receive many non-work-related calls, just try to avoid them.

Job satisfaction were also negatively affected. Working from home doesn’t suit everyone. Switching to work from home may have a negative impact on many people’s mental health if they are unable to find a routine that suites them. Work from home is not for all job types such as manufacturing, hospitality, heavy Industry work. Work life balance affected very badly, people work more hours, less in person interaction. Some people stared at their screen for hours, sitting in awkward positions with no breaks. Easy access to junk food which means more weight gain. Working from home requires time management.

Benefits of WFH. You are safe from getting infected, comfortable while working, healthy eating habits, can save money easily. Confidant home office, increased performance. Many have enjoyed the benefits of telecommuting

  • Create routine and stick to schedule.
  • Try to make your workspace comfortable.
  • Keep your work and home lives separate.
  • Do not stick to text based communication only.
  • Maintain regular hours.
  • Take small breaks.
  • Be positive.
  • Don’t take too much stress.

Working from home is not always better or worse for people’s health.

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