Jeff Bezos: An American business icon and investor

Jeff Bezos’s birth and early life

His mother had him when she was a 17-year high school girl and his father was 19. Soon after Bezos’s biological parents got divorced, his mother got married to Mike Bezos. Mike adopted Jeff when he was 4. Jeff did schooling from different places and schools. He graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with an engineering degree in electrical and computer science.

Success story

There are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your thinking.

From starting an online bookstore to being the owner of one of the most successful E-businesses, Bezos’s journey was a heck of a roller coaster. No success comes without a price.

Founding of Amazon 

Amazon was first named Cadabra. Later Bezos changed it to Amazon after the Amazon river in South America. Initially, it was a startup selling books online, later it started putting a variety of products and services. Amazon never focused on overcoming its competitors rather it focused on building a valuable firm and helping customers which led Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest man with a net worth of 179.6 billion dollars.

Blue Origin

In 2000 Bezos found Blue Origin, a private spaceflight company. Bezos has mentioned his interest in space travel and building life in outer space. Blue Origin hit the success point with a successful launch of the New Shepherd rocket on April 14, 2021. New Shepherd expects and plans to take paying customers to space to experience weightlessness.

Bezos’s success’s vision

“From very early on in Amazon’s life, we knew we wanted to create a culture of builders – people who are curious, explorers. They like to invent. Even when they’re experts, they are “fresh” with a beginner’s mind. They see the way we do things as just the way we do things now.” 

Bezos’s plan

At the onset of February 2021, Bezos resigned from the post of CEO of Amazon. Bezos admitted that he wanted to focus on Blue Origin and Washington post with all his time. 

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