Delinquency is a kind of abnormality when an individual deviates from the course of normal social life this behaviour is called delinquency when a Juvenile below an age specified under a statute exhibits behaviour which may prove to be dangerous to society and or himself he may be called Juvenile delinquent.

Juvenile delinquents are those offenders including boys and girls were normally under 16 years of age

The acts of delinquency may include running away from home without the permission of parents, use of multiple languages, wandering about railroad street, market places, visiting gambling centers, shoplifting, stealing, etc.

Causes of Juvenile delinquency:

Broken homes- The broken homes and families lack of parental affection, security, absence of a loving mother in the childhood or lack of family ties, parental responsibility for all contributory factors to delinquency. Interaction at home is a very important means for socializing the child.

Poverty- A very large proportion of delinquent children come from poor homes. Poverty compels sometimes both of the parents to be outside the home for a very long period to earn their daily bread, the children will be uncared for and they may join hands with the Gangsters and become delinquents.

School dissatisfaction some student get dissatisfied with the school life there is lack of entertainment and sports facilities in schools, indifference of the teachers may contribute to such dissatisfied students become regular absentees in schools and start wandering in streets.

Emotional problems of the individual- Mental troubles and emotional maladjustments are strong factors in delinquency. From the psychological point of view “delinquency is a rebellion and an expression of aggression which is aimed at destroying, breaking down or changing the environment”.

Remedies for juvenile delinquency:

  • Creating and inspiring a team of work  of private and public agencies devoted to preventive work.
  • Establishing a child guidance clinic to give appropriate treatment to the disturbed children.
  • The problems of beggary and poverty are to be removed or controlled and the general economic standards of the people must be increased to prevent children from becoming delinquent due to economic exigencies.
  • Under section 399 of the Indian Criminal Procedure Code convicted young offenders below the age of 15 could be sent to reformatory school established by the state government. Section 562 of the C.P.C. also permitted discharge of certain convicted offenders on probation.
  • Certified schools are established to give some general education and Technical training to the children here are the children 10 and for the long-term treatment. After their release they are put under the charge of a probation officer or a welfare officer who watches their activities.

A great problem such as Juvenile delinquency cannot be solved by means of legislation and government efforts alone. Government as well as private agencies must work hard with all sincerity and seriousness to find an effective remedy for the problem of Juvenile delinquency. The public attitude towards Juvenile delinquent must also change.

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