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The story ‘On The Face Of It‘ by Susan Hill, reflects the ideology of the society towards deformed or disabled people by the characters Derek and Mr. Lamb.

Susan Hill: 'When you read a lot, you start writing your own stories' | |  The Guardian

Derek, a lad of fourteen, was a victim of inferiority complex, for he was having half face burnt with acid and was criticized by the society about his future. His mother kissed him on the good side of the face only which made Derek furious and agitated about his appearance. Mr. Lamb tries to understand his grievances and brings him out of his ideologies and isolation by quoting the example of Beauty and Beast, weeds, singing of bees. He says that, appearances are acceptive, at least Derry has two eyes, ears, hands, legs through which he can change his life. The bond of affection, amicability, binds the two despite of their deformity.

Derek already knew that handsome is as handsome does, but his mind and thoughts were overpowered, by the norms of the society, hence at least, wanted to play in Mr. Lamb’s garden, hear song of bees, make jelly, spend time with Mr. Lamb due to which he revisits him despite of his mother’s annoyance.

Mr. Lamb made Derry’s eye watch, which he earlier see only, he made him realize the difference between alive and living.

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