Television rating points have been a much debated issues in india since the present system of TRP’s is riddled with several maladies such as small sample size which is not representative. lack of transparency, lack of reliability and credibility of data e.t.c. shortcornings in the present rating system have been highlighted by key stakeholders that includes individuals, consumer groups , government, broadcasters, advertisers, and advertising shortcomings. in 2008 the ministry of information and broadcasting had sought recommendations of TRAI on various issues relating to TRPs and policy guidelines to be adopted for rating agencies. TRAI, in its recommendations in august 2008 had amongst other things recommended the self regulation through the establishment of an industry led body, that is the broadcast audience research council. the ministry is constituted a commitee under the chairmanship of dr. amith mitra, the then secretary general FICCI in 2010 to review existing TRP System in india. the commitee also recommended that self regulation through the establishment of an industry was the best way forward. since the BARC could not operationalise the TRP generating mechanism the ministry of information and broadcasting sought recommendations of TRAI in september 2003 on comprehensive guidelines mechanism for television rating agencies in india to ensure fair competition better standards and quality of services by television rating agencies. TRAI recommendations on guidelines television rating agencies were received in september 2013, while supporting selfregulation of television ratings through an industry led body like BARC, TRAI recommended that television rating agencies shall be regulated ratings shall be regulated through framework in the form of guidelines to be notified by MIB. it also recommended that all rating agencies including the existing rating agency, shall require registration with MIB in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed under the guidelines.


all rating agencies including the existing rating agencies shall obtain registration from ministry of information and broadcasting.

the rating agency shall submit the detailed methodology to the government and also publish it on its website.

30 days time would be given to the existing rating agency to comply with the guidelines.

ratings ought to be technology neutral and shall capture data across multiple viewing platforms viz cable TV, direct to home , terrestrial TV e.t.c

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