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Should Wizard Hit Mommy‘, is a story within story by John Updike, reflects evils of society. Society is a mental concept in which individuals reside and support each other, but neglect the have-nots or unprivileged like Roger Skunk, who was neglected and unaccepted due to his obnoxious smell.

John Updike (Author of Rabbit, Run)

Jack, narrates the story of Roger Skunk, to his daughter, Jo. Skunk was always left alienated by all the Woodland creatures due to his foul smell. He decided to change his identity by accepting the smell of roses and thereafter he was accepted by society. Roger Skunk’s mother didn’t like the smell of roses and hit the wizard. Jo, as a child, was unable to accept the ending of the story of wizard being hit by mommy and rebelled against his father.

Jack, through the story of Roger Skunk, wanted to make Jo understand the trivialities of the society and one’s identity is pertinent for him. One should accept what nature has bestowed us with and elders are always right in their perspectives, for they are experienced.

Jack was not completely a good story teller, for, he always had the same creatures with a slight variation in the plot, but tried his best by putting expressions, sounds and gestures to make his story realistic.


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