Self help

What is self-love?

            It is nothing but the self-improvement economically, intellectually or emotionally. In other word’s one care about him/her self in all aspects of life.


When you spend all your time and energy trying to manage other people perceptive of you, you will stuck with the self-doubt.

When you do it so you will feel inadequate and at the point remember that each one of us life is different from one another.

I’m sure you’re experienced a situation where someone made your day it all because of the kind word and compliment, it can bring to yourself by a writing a letter to your own.

No person is an island, as the saying goes and that holds true for our life too, so keep people who encourage you.

Becoming comfortable with yourself

            When you make your needs priorities it is easier to feel good about who you are.

            Meditation will help’s you to find what’s your need, It’s like answering yes or no.

            Say yes or no according to you.

            Don’t let other people put you down for the things that make you unique.

            In this modern era, we don’t even have time to spend with friends and family, so at least you have to spend time with your self and you will meet the best person in this world.

Identifying the triggers

            Our body say’s what we are going through.

            Notice any tensing of muscles, increased heart rate, tingles or any physical change that generally indicates what you’re experiencing.

            It help’s to enhance your self- awareness, do notice that how your mind takes the story its good/ bad, nice/evil.

            When you are trying to identify your emotional triggers, often you can prevent yourself from being triggered, so remove your attention from that and focus on your breath.

Eliminate negativity

            The minute you catch your mind in a negative thought focus on how grateful you are.

            Be grateful what you have

            When you catch yourself in a complaint, congratulate yourself for being aware, awareness is the 1st step in stopping bad habit.

            Turn your problem into challenge.

Making new habits

            Decide clearly that you are going to begin acting in a specific way 100% of the time, whenever that be haviour is required.

            The more often you visualize and imagine yourself acting as if you already had the new habit, the more rapidly this new be haviour will be accepted by your brain and becomes automatic.

            When you realize to persist in the new be haviour it become automatic and easy and even you will feel uncomfortable when you don’t do.

            When you start rewarding yourself you will become more positive and you will become more positive and you will keep on doing.


            People become mindful when they think, feel, do, what they want.

            You will like yourself more, when you take better care of you basic need.

            Say yes or no as per your needs, if you say yes to what you don’t like, it will deplete or harm you physically/ emotionally.

            Remember, there are no failure, if you have learned and grown from your mistakes, they are only lessons learned.

            Your purpose doesn’t have to be crystal clear to you, we are living with purpose and design.

                                    “GO HELP YOURSELF”

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