The word sport is generally a system of activities that are based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Several organs that aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing the enjoyment to participants and in some cases, entertainment act as an spectators. Sports is usually governed by a consistent adjudication of winners. A sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards teammates and the opponents as well. Grace in victory or the defeat. It expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake the most impact thing is not winning but taking part in the game.

Sports are the way to relive stress and maintain a healthy body by engaging in different types and categories of sports. The sports promote friendliness, team work, hard work, and discipline. The satisfaction you get while playing the sport is equals or even exceeds the one you get from winning it. Sports can through casual or organised participation improve one’s physical health, Hundreds of sports exist from those between single contestants through to those with Hundreds of simultaneous participants either in teams or competing as individuals. When we look into the top sports played , Soccer or well known as football or also called as soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In the last global census FIFA it was established that there were around 265 million people who play this sport and have over 4 billion of fans in the world. One reason for the football popularity is all you need to play football is a ball and your foot. Moving on to the next sport that is Cricket which is the most popular all over the world including a long rectangular pitch at the centre of the cricket field. The International Cricket Council ICC identified that around 125 countries play This sport and have over 2.5 billion fans. Hockey is the sport consists of both ice and on-field. The game involves 2 teams trying to put a ball into the opposing team’s net with hockey stick and hockey as around 2 billion fans and over 100 counties and 5 continents play hockey sport which include both men and women. And next badminton is one of the most participated sports which is played regularly by an estimation their are over 220 million people who play badminton and have 2 billion fans around the world. The next sport is volleyball which was originated from America and around 998 participants both whether won or lost this sport was played all over the world. One popular variant of this game is it is played on sand and gained around 900 million fans. The most famous sport basket ball have around 825 million fans and is now played world wide and to the maximum 450 million people have played basketball. If you like to jump, run, and shoot then you will love this sport more. And then is tennis is widely recognised as individuals sports in world have around 60 million men and women players which has ranking in this sport and has around 875 million fans. It is the popular sport in Asia. Finally we speak about the sport Golf which is the one most popular pastimes in the world and owned around 450 million fans and approximately 60 million people have played this sport.

The top rated players in India are Pullelu Gopichand Jwala Gutta, Prakash Padukone, Sania Nehwal, P.V Sindhu ,Siril verma, players from badminton and Apurvi Chandela ,Ganga narana, Rajyavardhan Singh Gavaskar, Ravichandran Ashwin from cricket and Vishwanath from chess and Rohan Bopana, Sania Mirza, Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi Sushil Kumar, Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav from tennis and Yogeshwar Dutt in wrestling and Vijender Singh from Boxing.

The awards given for the cricket achievers or players are most popularly Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Lauren’s world sports award.

The love for sports will never end till the history of sports man exist and make us give the Heritageous spirit that boost every Indians.

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