The relevance of religion

I write about this topic with the utmost care because i accept this is bigger than us and i am sure even the most unwavering atheist would agree.

This is not an article about the history of religion, there are enough of those already, however this is an exploratory venture into a field even science has little to contribute to.

I have never believed in much, and didn’t give god much of a chance either. But a person changes, and he has to give himself room and enough open mindedness to accept those changes.

So what is the relevance of religion? Why did we design a god for ourselves? And more importantly, why are there so many of them? The latter question establishes that there is no one particular god, because if one of them is true the others become mere figments of imagination. This seems like a safe deduction and a relatively scientific place to start off with.But the fact that numerous cultures and people around the world came up with the idea of a higher power without any flow of information between them can be mind boggling too. Which bring us to our second deduction, a more adventures one this time. We need religion.

When i say we need it, i do not mean on a survival basis like we need water or food. Humans by nature are conscious beings, with a mind of their own, capable of critical thinking and problem solving. But a fallacy arising out of this very state of consciousness is that it doesn’t provide answers as much as it likes exploring questions. This very article is an apt example. But what about the questions we have no answers for? That’s where religion comes in.

It gives a sense of calm to the restless and a peaceful sense of relinquishment to the defeated but unbowed. It says to them it’s alright and that there is a place for everyone. It tells the sinners, what happens on earth stays on earth, and shoulders their burdens and it lays down a path for the unexceptional but steady.

This said, i still don’t believe that religion can give life meaning. Responsibilities do that. What religion can give you is strength and humbleness. Humbleness that some things are beyond your control.

Like anything religion too has evolved from the days of bowing to deities and sculptures. It took a spiritual turn with Buddhism in the 6th century(a religion which completely separates itself from any one particular god). A religion should not lock your mind in with its narrow scope, but instead give it wings.

In my humble opinion have an atheists attitude to religion but an agnostics mind.You can glean what you glean when you’re ready to glean what you glean. Do not buy into it, but don’t dismiss it either. One makes you helpless and the other hopeless.

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