Best AI Movies – part1

AI or Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major buzzword in recent years. Knowing what it is and it’s practical applications in real life, in the upcoming future, leaves us stunned. Although movies tend to exaggerate AI for dramatic effect, there is still some truth in these movies. There are AI experts who fear a super- intelligent AI could outsmart us and eventually decide to wipe us off the face of the Earth. On the other side, AI is depicted as a miracle invention. The intelligent machines can perform analytical tasks such as simulations and predictions much better than humans. So, if you are interested in AI, read this blog fully. Here we have listed top 5 AI movies that you should never miss watching in life.

Ex Machina

At no.5 we have Ex Machina. Ex Machina is one of the best examples of an AI movie. It covers all the bases, allowing the protagonist to be a proxy for the audience to explore AI’s moral arguments whilst also deploying a thriller narrative arc to keep the audience engaging. The film follows the story of a programmer who is allowed by his CEO to be a part of an experiment to evaluate the capabilities of a highly advanced humanoid called Ava. He is the first person to meet Ava and his goal will be to test whether Ava passes the Turing test. What happens next carries the storyline forward and captivates the viewers on the process. The movie focusses on how we interact with AI as humans and how a machine could, in turn, manipulate humans. This movie is phenomenal and a must watch thing for every AI enthusiast.

2001 – A Space Odyssey

At no. 4, we have the 1968 sci-fi classic movie, 2001- A Space Odyssey. This movie is the most intricate and ambiguous one in our list. A Stanley Kubrick masterpiece revolves around Time, space, human nature and evolution. And the film is narrated in a non-linear direction with inexplicable cuts to different contexts. The opening of the movie is something wierd. It opens milliions of years ago in a desert with apes discovering a giant black Monolith. Then the film transitions to a space voyage to find the origins of a mysterious Monolith in the far reaches of the galaxy. The space ship functions are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence computer names HAL, which is claimed to be full proof and impossible to make errors. However during the space mission, the ship’s crew gets double- crossed by HAL. The error free computer HAL makes an odd error. Then, the astronauts decide to disconnect it from the ship’s controls. But HAL discovers their plan and goes rougue- killing most of the crew members.

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