“With the dawning of a new age, after pandemics have done their work, we may find ourselves at the watershed of singular considerations about how to handle the changes that revolutionize our lives, and trace the silver lining in a new reality. (What do they think behind their dirty aprons?)”
― Erik Pevernagie


Clouds are the symbol of grave period of life and the silver lining as mentioned refers to the bright, contented, or enjoyable times. It is very obvious that the entire proverb is about optimism. If an individual is positive even in the murkiest of periods, then indeed things will ultimately be in his/her favour. However, if the individual has a pessimistic approach towards life, then no opportunity in his/her life can ever make him/her gratified and he/she will end up in difficulties. Ups and Downs are part and parcel of life. In fact, if these did not exist, life would have been boring and meaningless. All these understandings enhance us in some way or the other and help us to become strongminded individuals. In fact, all the hardships and difficulties we face in life have the effect of making us richer in experience and educate us to embark upon adverse situations. Therefore, it can be appropriately said that ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’.


To elucidate the above, let us analyse the problems of a person called Kamal. He was an average person, coming from a middle-class family. His parents, who were well-educated themselves, wanted him to have the best education and so he was admitted to the best school in the city. As a student, he outshined neither in academics nor in sports and was always placed in the middle of his class in both. Even in extra co-curricular activities Kamal did not leave behind any distinctive mark. Being an obedient child, he was always guided by parental advice, which prevented the development of his personality and as a result, he lacked self-confidence.


However, Kamal’s life went disordered with the sudden demise of his father in an accident. The family was staring at imminent poverty because his father was the sole bread-winner and the pension that they were to get was not enough to fund the education of both Kamal and his younger sister. All of a sudden, the entire burden of the family descended on Kamal’s young shoulders, but that was a blessing in disguise because the misfortune made him resolute. He developed into a very strong-willed individual who was ready to take on the world legitimately. Kamal took stock of the situation and started providing private tuitions to supplement the family income. In doing so, he realized that his actual calling in life was to be an academician. Gradually, he cleared all the examinations with flying colours and at a very young age joined an elite institution as a there has been no looking back since then. Had the disaster never occurred, Kamal might have followed and done what his parents believed fit for him instead of realizing his own potential and aptitude in life and society would have been left without a very good teacher.


Like Kamal, there are millions of such individuals who suffer major hindrances in their lives but still manage to pull through. So, one should never feel hopeless because of problems, as no individual in this world leads an uncomplicated existence. Whenever clouds of worries appear, they always carry an indication of something better that might happen.So, we must be inspired from such events and should always move frontward in life even if it is hard for us to do so. Strong willpower and undying hope pave the way for success to be achieved. Every single problem in life is like a riddle which hides some solution and a mindful search for that solution open many closed doors of achievements.