Can you sleep without a bed, pillow and a blanket? or Can you cook and eat on the streets while passersby stare at you? It’ll be so uncomfortable for you and for everyone of us.
Just take a break and imagine the lives of people who live on streets.
The amount of struggle they go through for the tiniest thing is nothing compared to our lives.

Sleeping on the benches of bustops or under a truck just to save themselves from cold breezes during winter ,to tie tarpaulin sheets in order to avoid getting wet during monsoons and to sleep without electricity during summers.

They earn little money by doing various jobs such as selling small items home to home. As their income is not fixed, the availability of food is not fixed too. Sometimes they might have to spend the night without having food. Due to income insecurity it is very difficult for them to save money.

Healthcare is very difficult for them to obtain due to irregular income and as they are living and eating on the streets, it is more likely for them to catch germs and fall sick frequently. Hygiene is the least thing that matters to them due to non availability of proper food, water, clothes, etc.

Life becomes hard for them each day and have to face new challenges everyday. It’ll be great job if you can offer them a little help by donating some clothes or giving them healthy food and water. Help them in every way you can because every tiny good deed matters.

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