Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

            This is the definition given by WHO.





Concepts of health.

            There are four main concepts of health, let us discuss each one of it below in detail.

Biomedical concept

            So, if you are free from disease, then we can say you are healthy one. This is known as Biomedical concept of health and this theory is based on the germ theory of the disease.

            But the development of the mankind says that only biomedical health is inadequate and we can’t say he/she is healthy.

Ecological concept

            As the biomedical concept of health is inadequate the ecologist came out with the ecological concept of health.

            They viewed the dynamic equilibirium between the mankind and the environment, from this if the mankind is balanced with the environment, we can say he/she is healthy.

Psychological concept

            This concept say’s that the health is influenced by social, psychological, cultural, economic and political factors of the people. So, for calculating the health one should consider all above things.

Holistic concept

            It involves all the above strength of social, economic, politic and environment.

            This concept clearly explains that every sector plays an important role to calculate the healthiness of the individual.

Small poem for your mental health.

 The healthy mind 

with healthy thoughts 

The days are filled 

with running thoughts 

The soundful brain 

with peaceful heart

The calmness fills 

with sparkling thoughts 

The smiles are drizzling 

with trustful love 

The twists and turns are plays of God 

with winning moments that hit the sky

The past was bitter 

with bitterest lie’s 

Yet, the future is to be accompanied 

with colourful flies 

The present is perfect 

with worthiest tries 

The moods may swing 

with meaning less thoughts 

But the mental health was binded 

with the cheerful thoughts 

So, life is a heavenly journey

with freely thoughts 

That provokes the healthy heart 

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