Hindi a national language ?

There as been many controversy about this but as a south Indian who’s mother tongue is Tamil ,how do we see this thing ?. We are not only the one who is opposing hindi as a national language but this has been framed that we are the one opposing this thing. But practically India is a country which speaks more than 20 languages and tamil is one of the oldest.

the thing is we are not saying that Hindi should not exist but we don’t want them to force on every one if anyone wants to learn hindi they can. But some of them are trying to make people forget Tamil but is that what you think . you cant just make people forget there their mother tongue by forcing a language

I read this in a blog stating south Indian cant speak hindi but we are the people who knows hindi but refuses to speak hindi. The statement they are making is hindi is a profound language then what about Tamil it is the oldest language its is been here over 2000 years but yours is just 70 years old . Its funny right people are translating novels from tamil to their language not from hindi . you cant even compare it.

If you wanna make a language as a national language make English a national language because each and every country speaks English not Hindi . see before speaking about this just try to go through the history and you will know who is the real king and which is the 1st language that is spoken