Ideology behind patriotism

A Patriotic person is always on his own country’s side or supports his leaders when they deserve it. They are committed to their nation, care about their security, hold their country’s interest at their goal, and will always want their stability, development, and growth. People have an emotional relationship with their country and so this attachment is often referred to as national sentiment and national pride.

Patriotism was firmly related to a collection of nationalist ideals and is often even used synonymously. But perhaps the key difference between these two concepts would be that the patriot felt proud of his heritage at what it does, and no matter what it does; the nationalist makes it feel proud of his nation. Therefore patriotism creates a feeling of duty while patriotism establishes a sense of arrogance and ignorance, which may even lead to chaos.Although several people think patriotism has to do with laying somebody’s life for their country, that’s more than that. It implies defending the country in every possible way, working for their battlement or willingness to protect their own lives whenever necessary.

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