Short Anime series to binge watch

Most of the popular anime series like Naruto, dragon ball z, one piece etc. have more than 200 episodes. They are all great shows off course but watching them requires a lot of time. Due to this reason some people refrain from getting into these series. There are however, many series out there which are very good too and very short indeed.
Here are some of the short but great anime series. Each of these series have utmost 13 episodes which can be watched in a day or two.

• Erased (2016):
Episodes: 12
Genre: Mystery, sci-fi, thriller

Erased is one of the best short anime series out there. It is a bliss for thrill seekers and for people who like the idea of time travel. The story revolves around a 29 year old man who is sent back in time to erase the events which lead to his mother’s death, which began with a series of kidnappings. The anime has very nice soundtrack and beautiful animation and the plot is very interesting. The characters are well written and overall the series is a must watch.

• Blue Spring Ride (2014) :
Episodes: 12
Genre: coming-of-age, drama, romance

Blue spring ride or more popularly known as ao haru ride, is a very decent slice of life romance anime. It is a coming of age drama and shows how the characters grow and change over time. It depicts very well the internal conflicts characters have and is very relatable to watch. The music in this anime is used very well to emphasise the scenes. Overall it is a must watch for those who are into romance genre.

• Terror in Resonance (2014) :
Episodes: 11
Genre: psychological, thriller

This is anime is rather underrated but nevertheless it is one of the best short anime thrillers out there. This anime serves everything in just 11 episodes. Excellent storyline, great music, top notch animation etc. It depicts terrorism very differently and deals with many of the contemporary issues. This is a must watch for everyone.

• Angel Beats! (2010) :
Episodes: 13
Genre: fantasy

This anime is set in a realm of afterlife where a band of teens fight from being taken to the next level. This is a very nice series and worth your time. It has action, drama, fight sequences, tragedies, music, romance and what not. The concept of this anime is very different and it deals with overcoming the regrets of life. It is an epic journey showcased in just 13 episodes!

• Violet Evergarden (2018) :
Episodes: 13
Genre: coming-of-age

This is a more recent anime series. The story revolves around the post war life of an emotionally detached soldier who begins to reconnect with her feelings while searching for the meaning behind her commander’s final words. This anime is a masterpiece. The animation, music, pacing, character designs, backstories etc. all are done very well. It is very empathetic and sentimental anime. This anime is a must watch for anyone!!