Anger is an emotion which is a little more dangerous than the rest of them. Anger can be triggered due to financial problems, family problems, being surrounded by people you dislike, personal issues, etc. No one likes being angry nor do we like being surrounded by people who have a bad temper.

Everyone releases anger differently. Some like to shout at people, some like to break things, some tend to self-harm. Well, these methods do help release the anger, but they aren’t healthy ways of dealing with a situation.
Let’s have a look at how anger affects our relationships.
Some people take their anger out on the family. Sometimes when parents do not have control over things at their work, they come home and try to control the lives of their families.
Many parents often fight regularly at home and make the environment of the house hard to live in. Did you know that children who grow up in an abusive environment are usually too sensitive or completely numb? These children also show a sign of aggression or anger. They also suffer from anxiety and depression.
Some people also tend to substance abuse when they are angry. Using drugs, alcohol, tobacco, in large quantities. Some of these substances also cause more anger. Substance abuse is bad for a person’s mental, or physical health. It is also bad for the people around them.
Anger makes us do things we regret. It messes our relationships with people around us because we say things that we don’t mean to and do things we don’t want to.
I am not asking you to never take your anger out. Anger is an emotion that needs to be taken out. Taking anger out does not have to be destructive. We need to find constructive or healthy ways to take out our anger.
We are angry for a reason. So, the first step to calm the anger is to ask ourselves why we are angry. Once we find out why we are angry we can start working on it. Anger is our brain’s way of telling us to find a solution to an issue.
So, if it is a person that makes you angry, you might want to break ties with them.
If you feel angry with a job, maybe it is time to quit the job.

If we don’t listen to what our anger wants. Chances are the anger will keep sticking around until we make significant changes in our life. So, next time before you lash your anger out make sure to ask yourself what got you angry.
Some other healthy ways of dealing with anger are by doing physical activity like playing sports or working out. This will allow you to be constructive with it. In my boarding days when I would get angry, I would play squash. I would imagine the ball as my problem and hit the racket with full force. To tell you the truth it did help and make me feel good.

This way our anger is coming out in constructive ways. We need to learn to channel our anger to improve our lives instead of destroying it.

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