Internship : is it really important?

Internship is compulsory in about every colleges out there. But the most important question is why it is so important that our teachers keep telling us to do an internship and also what we will learn from this? During the college years, students are extremely busy with their academical activities and doing an internship after all that is like a headache. But trust me, there are so many benefits of doing an internship like you can increase your communication skills, interactive skills, leadership skills, and many more. Some students will say why waste time, money and energy on this, one should just focus on academics but I would like to tell them that a successful paid or unpaid internship is similar to earning good grades in college. The experience that they gained during their internship will genuinely help them to get a good job. It will help you to boost your confidence, your creative thinking and most important is your team work because after your studies you will look for a full time jobs where these thinks are really vital.
Its not really important that students are bound to do internships in the respective field, you can choose any field of your interest and just focus on learning new things.

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