Need to invoke Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are not born with a child. These skills need to be developed and enhanced.

Negotiation skills teaches a person/child to be patient and understand the needs and opinions of others while giving importance to the requirements of all and finding a solution that is beneficial and acceptable to all the parties.

Negotiation skills are crucial and play an essential role in effective teamwork, decision making and managing differences and conflicts.

Thus, negotiation skills should be developed to improve the quality of communication and decisions.

Importance of Negotiation Skills

· Helps the negotiator to understand why the other party wants to make the deal.

· This understanding will help him/her to convince the party to agree with the results desired by the negotiator.

·Helps to detect the weak areas of the party and will use these areas to make the result of negotiation in favor of the negotiator.

· Enrich the presence of mind of a person.

· Makes the person analyse and reason himself/herself that why he/she is compromising for successful conduct of a deal and whether it is really beneficial to compromise for that deal or not.