Secrets of Area-51 – Part 2

We have started our view on Area-51 in the previous blog. This blog is a continuation of that.

Many people were curious to know what was inside Area-51. But the government didn’t let any information go out. At that time, an American conspiracy theorist named ‘Bob Lazer’ claimed that he had worked inside Area-51 and also told that inside Area-51, the traped Aliens that came to Earth and were doing research on them. Many believed him, many did not. But his claim is that they were doing reverse engineering on alien technologies. He said that the alien bodies, their tools and the spacecraft of aliens were taken into control by the USA government and research works on those items was going underground. Many questioned whether he is a credible person. Many believed him. He claims that he studied in MIT. But there was no evidence or certificate that proves that he studied in MIT. He said that the USA government deleted all his records and tried to portray him as a lier and looser. He was strong on his claim that there were aliens inside Area-51. Like his say, some random incidents happen at times to make people think that there are aliens inside Area-51.

In 2019, a 21- year old guy named Matty Roberts, who calls himself a gamer, has watched a documentary in which Bob Lazer spoke and he came to an idea to organise an event in Facebook. The event was planned such that on September 20, 2019, a big mass of people should run towards Area-51. If they run in masses, no one could stop them. That was his plan. As a shock to him, that plan went viral. It reached people worldwide. 20 lakh people from many corners of the world supported him and said that they would come for this event.

The American government warned them when that event plan went viral. They said the army would shoot every person whoever comes to that event. The government had shut the air strips that were near to Area-51 and maintained a high security.

In a small town called ‘Rachel’ in that desert, around 150 people were living. That town was near to Area-51. When the people of the town knew that lakhs of people were planning to go there on September 20, they arranged all the facilities for the people coming. They planned to make a small business out of this event. But what happened was something disappointing to them. Out of the 20 lakh people who supported the event and told that they would come there, only 500 went there. Many went from foreign and European countries. They had to get immigration pass, land on a distant airport and take many kilometres of car travel and walk through the desert to get near to the gates of Area-51. Out of them, only 45 reached the Area-51. But they too came back on seeing the cops with gun. They also had permission even to kill people trying to entry Area-51. At last, the event was a failure. That made people to realise that everything in the internet is not always serious.

The Area-51 story still remains a mystery. Still there are people saying that it is an army base of the USA, some saying that nothing is there and the government tries to fool other nations by hiding something that is not real. But still the story continues. The government didn’t reveal anything to the people.

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