Secrets of Area-51

Area-51 is a highly protected, secured and restricted part of the USA for many years. America didn’t accept that there is a place called Area-51 in their country until 2003. America didn’t reveal what actually happens inside that place. That place is highly protected from outside world. In September 20, 2019, a wierd thing happened in Area-51. People crowded in millions and protested against the government that Aliens should be protected from humans. They planned to get inside the Area-51 and see what was inside it. They said there should be aliens inside and humans were torturing the aliens and the people were going to save the aliens.

First of all, a funny Facebook event called ‘Storm Area-51’ was arranged to get into Area-51 and see what actually happens there. They believed that there were aliens inside Area-51.

What exactly is Area-51?

After World war1, the government of USA panned to test their weapons and bombs in a very big open place. They chose a desert called Nevada in the USA. They divided the desert into 30 areas each of square shape. In each area, they used to test specific weapon that they are preparing to use in World war 2. The advantage for the USA is that this place is located in the middle of a desert so that any nation can’t find that place and also even an American citizen has to travel many kilometres and cross high security to get into that place. So literary it was impossible for anyone to know what happens inside that place.

Even after the World war 2, there prevailed a cold war between the USA and Russia. The USA continued to test their weapons in that place and maintained their secretive nature. Among the areas from Area-1 to Area-30, there was Area-15. Near to Area-15, there was also a big lake initially. After the lake had gone dry, the government decided to build an underground place called Area-51 so that the inside of that area won’t be visible from outside. The interesting thing is, even when seeing from the top nothing will be visible except a flight landing strip. There are no road facility or train facility to go there. The only transport in and out is through flight.

People in the USA were gone mad to know what was inside Area-51. There was a hill called ‘Challenger cliff’ that was few kilometres far from Area-51. People tried to see Area-51 from the top of that hill. But no one knew what’s inside. They could see only the outside of it. Knowing this, the government made that hill as a restricted area. Nearly for a range of 30 kilometres around the Area-51, no one could enter there. The security was that high. Seeing that the government makes fights to go in and out of that area and keeping it that secured, people were curious to know what was inside. This continued for many years. The government keeps quiet about this till now.

We will continue this reading journey check “Secrets of Area-51 – Part2”. That’s our next blog.

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