Brief About Story

The story named “Transformation” depicts how a person can completely transform himself/herself by self introspection. There is just a need of firm determination and everything will become possible.

Characters of the Story

Rohan- The Protagonist

Raman- Friend of Protagonist


Rohan, an employee in a company was a hard working asset for the organisation but he usually struggled in expressing his views. One of his friend named Raman possessing good influential skills took an initiative to help him to overcome the challenges. After some interactions he suggested Rohan to self-introspect himself and try to understand and summaries his drawbacks and work on them with a positive thinking. Rohan acted as per advice and started concentrating on getting over his weaknesses with a fighting spirit.

Raman was always co-operative and was available at each movement. His co-ordination and leadership skills helped Rohan in improving his vocabulary, body language, expressiveness, communication Skills, presentation Skills that helped him to showcase himself and his thoughts in a hesitant free manner.

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