To Kill A Mockingbird by Harpee Lee

Nelle Harper Lee popularly known as Harper Lee was born in April 25 1926. She was an American novelist and known for her classic novel “To kill a Mockingbird”

To Kill a Mockingbird gives a picture of 1930’s fictional town Maycomb, Alabama. The book deals with various topics that was prevalent at that time , from hypocrisy to racism. Though the topic of book is very serious, author has written it in very light tone which makes book less depressing and more fun to read

There are really some interesting characters in the book , my favorite being Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch and her fathet Atticus Finch. Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch , popularly known as Scout is loud and intelligent girl. She is not afraid of saying what she thinks and deeply resent the idea of ‘Proper lady like behaviour’. She usually gets irritated when her aunt tries to teach her ‘ how a lady should behave’. She is just a girl who wants to live her life like just a regular kid. The whole book is written through her perspective and shows the various encounters she faces in three years of her life from being age 6 years old to 9 years old.

Atticus Finch is a widowed father of Scout and Jem Finch ( elder brother of Scout). He is a lawyer whose life gets changed drastically when he gets the case of black man being accused of raping white woman. Since it was 1930s there was a major racism at that time. So when Atticus takes up the case , almost all the people starts to hate him and his children. Though providing sufficient evidence that black man was falsely accused , he fails to save him from allegation. This shows how at that time black people were wrong in whatever they did and whites were always seemed as correct , no matter what. Atticus is shown as a father who does not have a great relationship with his children but never fails give right lesson and value to them.

One of the most interesting and mysterious character in the book is Arthur Radley , famously known among children as “Boo Radley”. He lives in the same area as of Finch family. There are many rumours surrounding why he is socially reclusive and almost all the people of fears him. Ironically, in the end he saves the lives of Scout and her brother. This book does a really great job in showing how people are often misjudged because of their looks and behavior

Apart from this people there are other characters named Nathan Radley ( brother of Arthur Radley) , Dill Harris ( best friend of Jem and Scout). The first half of book revolves around the life of children ( Scout , Jem and Dill) but the later half proceeds toward a serious note when Atticus takes the case. This book will surely give readers a good laugh and insight of 1930’s hypocrite and racist world.