You Can Really Consider Being A pilot- Here is How.

You have to pass your 12th with 50% in PCM.

Do your medical class 2/class 1 from a DGCA approved doctor

Apply for computer number on the dgca website and at the same time apply for police verification by visiting your nearest police station

you don’t a degree for to become a pilot so you can start flying directly after 12th. first of all get your class 2 and class 1 medical and also apply for your computer number. now you have to clear your DGCA exams. there are 5 written exams :-

  1. air regulation
  2. navigation
  3. meteorology
  4. technical general
  5. technical specific


Basic Requirements

1. Should be a Citizen of India.

2. Age should not be less than 17 years at the time you start your training.

3. You should be fluent in English.

1. Student Pilot License- You need to take ground training and clear oral and written exams of Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation Air Technical.
The very first thing I suggest you is to clear the Class-II medical test.

2. Private Pilot License- After getting the SPL, you proceed, for initial flying training. This is a dual flight, where the instructor or trainer accompanies the learner to teach him/her the practical aspect of flying. A total of 60 hours of flying is needed, of which 20 hours minimum should be solo and five hours cross country.

3. Commercial Pilot License-A student can get the CPL by doing his flying training for 200 hours which includes night and cross country flying.


1. CDSE: This is the exam you take if you are looking for permanent commission with the Indian Airforce. You can appear after or during your final year of college.

2. AFCAT: This exam are taken by those who are looking for short term commission(SSC). This can also be taken during or after your final year. The commission is strictly for 14 years with no extensions. The maximum age limit is 24 years.

One more thing to consider,

First decide whther conventional or a cadet program.

Cadet program gives you more job security and less stuggle but more fees.

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