Function of upsc

Union Public Service Commission is one of the most important institutions of democratic
governance and has been instrumental in ensuring the constitutional provision of Equality of
Opportunity to all the citizens by adhering to the standards of fairness and honesty in the
administration of its competitive exams. It is abundantly obvious by looking at the back ground of
the candidates who succeed at this exam. It has always given hope to millions of aspirants who come
from poorest to richest of the backgrounds. It wont be wrong to say that UPSC has been a beacon of
bright light in the dark sea of failing institutions of governance in India.
The functions of the UPSC as described in the Constitution are :
(i) To advise the government on all matters relating to the methods of recruitment
and norms to be followed in making apointments to civil services either directly or by
(ii) To advise on the suitability of candidates for appointment, promotion and transfer.
(iii) To conduct examinations for appointment to All India services.
(iv) To advise on disciplinary matters affecting government servants.
(v) To advise on claims of legal proceedings instituted against a government servant and on
the claims in respect of injuries sustained by a government servant while on duty.
(vi) To advise on any other matter specifically referred by the President.

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