Women are undoubtedly an integral part of our society. From a sister to a mother, women plays all their roles that come in their life with full dedication. But till now women are not given their due respect in our society that they truly deserves. In many countries around the world still they are fighting for even their basic rights. To support this movement of women, UN came up and decided to dedicate one day in the year for giving respect to all the duties that women fulfill in their life. This day is popularly known as ” International Women’s Day “.

It is celebrated worldwide on 8 March every year to mark the importance of women in our society whether it be in terms of domestic duties or any socioeconomic activities. It was firstly celebrated worldwide in the year 1977 when a resolution related to it was passed in the UN. This day not only marks the importance of women in our society but also supports them in their movement for getting basic human rights. This day opposes any kind of domestic violence, crime or harrasment against women. It is also celebrated with different names in various countries like in France it is celebrated as Journèe internationale des femmes. On this day, many countries around the world including Armenia, Germany, Mongolia and Ukraine have declared a public holiday. However, there is no such law in the resolution passed by the UN.

Women’s Day Celebration.

Starting from the year 1996, UN has decided to celebrate this day on an unique theme. Like in the year 1996 it was celebrated on the theme ” Celebrating the Past, Planning for the future “. UN comes up with these types of unique themes every year. As everybody knows that the world is suffering from a deadly pandemic COVID-19 from last more than one year so this time in 2021 this day is celebrated on the theme ” Women in Leadership : Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World “. This theme is decided to salute the responsibilities and dedication that all the women all over the world have shown in this pandemic. Whether they are fulfilling their duties as a mother or a housewife or a nurse, their work in this pandemic is a huge work. But without any hesitation or stress, they are doing commendable work.

But even after working and performing their duties with full honesty, their social condition in not good even in so called developed nations. Just think! if they do not have equal rights even in developed nations then how pathetic their conditions will be in undeveloped and poor countries. In these poor nations, women are only considered as secondary to men. In many countries, they are not even allowed to even step out of their houses without the permission of their family. They are not allowed to visit malls or drive cars in many countries. But this COVID-19 pandemic has come as an eye-opener to the world community to once again consider and rethink of what the status of women is in various countries even after women plays a vital role in the society. They truly deserves all the basic rights equal to that are enjoyed by men. In many reports published in various newspapers, it is widely revealed that if women are given equal rights then the pace of development of that country increases significantly. This fact must be implemented in every country around the world and ” International Women’s Day ” is surely a big step in this direction…


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