Javed Akhtar controversial statement

Veteran writer- Lyricist Javed Akhtar trolled for inventing neutral words for Gender equality

By Sapnanil konwar, 11th July, 2021

India is facing gender equality since ancient times. Many women can’t work because of patriarchy mindset of Indian society. Indian poet javed akhter who is big advocate for gender equality tried to invent tow gender neutral word . He tweeted “In any speech article or conversation to give equal respect to both the genders we constantly say and write he / she and Him or her . Why can’t we invent two words like for he/she – HESH and for him/ her – SHIM. “
Many people Retweeted trolling him for mentioning about only two gender . Undoubtedly Twitter can be a strong platform to discuss evil norms of Indian society but changing he/she or him/her won’t minimize problem although it creats an environment to discuss gender equality.

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