First Vow:

Groom PROMISES:  I will provide welfare and happiness for you and the children that we bear and you shall offer me food and help whenever it is required.

BRIDE PROMISES: I will be responsible for the complete household management.

Second Vow:

Groom PROMISES: He promises that together, we will protect our children and home

BRIDE PROMISES: She promises to stand with her husband as his strength and courage and in return demands him to be loyal to her.

Third Vow:

Groom PROMISES: He hopes for a wealthy and prosperous future for both of them and their children.

BRIDE PROMISES: She gives an assurance of staying loyal to her husband and putting every other man in her life as secondary.

Fourth Vow:

Groom PROMISES: The groom declares that bride has made his life complete and promises to respect her. He hopes for their children to be obedient , noble and longevity of their life.

BRIDE PROMISES: She promises him that shower him with joy and happiness and do everything possible to please him.

Fifth Vow:

Groom PROMISES: He calls the bride his best friend and a well-wisher. He thanks her, and asks God to bless her.

BRIDE PROMISES:  She promises to love and cherish him all her life and pledges that his happiness and sorrows are now her happiness and sorrows and she promises to honour him and strive to fulfill his wishes.


Groom PROMISES: He says to the bride “Now that you have taken six steps with me and I am delighted. Would you promise to fill my heart with the same happiness for the lifetime?” 

BRIDE PROMISES: She  the bride promises to be with her husband all her life.

Seventh Vow:

Groom PROMISES: He declares that “we are now husband and wife, and now we will stay together for eternity.” 

BRIDE PROMISES: she says that with God being the witness, she is now his wife and says that both of them will cherish and honour each other forever.

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