Workplace Stress:

Weekends are the most exciting days of our lives. We feel exhausted working straight for a week and crave for the weekends. People of the age group 20-30 are more likely to face stress at their workplace. In a survey conducted in the US, it is proved that around 83% of people in the US are stressed because of their work. The same situation prevails all over the world. There are many reasons responsible for this stress. Some of the major reasons are as follows:

  • Paths are not chosen, but force-fed: People are captivated by luxury nowadays. Hence they fail to think about their strength, passion, and will while choosing a career. They identify the jobs which pay enough to satisfy their demands and run behind them. Anything which is not started with an interest will have enormous hurdles to pass through.
  • Market: The competition in the market is increasing at a tremendous rate and hence the companies have to accelerate to stay in the market. This pressure will eventually fall on the employees.
  • Success without struggles: Current generation is so obsessed with success and they forget the steps which must be followed to achieve them. They expect a huge success rate in a shorter span of time. 

Plot :

“Age is no barrier. It’s the limitation you put on your mind” – Jackie Joyner

When I saw the movie image on an OTT platform I guessed that it would be a story of a young woman who is an intern in an esteemed organization. When I watched the movie, I was quite surprised to know that the man who stood behind her was the actual Intern. This clearly proves the way we guess people according to their age. Ben, a 70-year-old man post his retirement is feeling restless staying alone at his home. He tries every possible way to keep him engaged. But all in vain. One day he comes across an advertisement in which a clothing company has launched a senior internship program. He decides to give it a try. 

Jules an young and super enthusiastic entrepreneur runs all her day to gain a balance between work and her personal life. She does multi-tasking most of the time and expects the people around her to be as energetic as her. She is unaware of the senior intern advertisement the company has posted and is shocked to know that a 70-year old man will work under her. Initially, she avoids him and tries to shift him to another department but eventually, they get to know each other and Ben guides her in all possible ways. The movie is well-detailed and brings out the layers of the leads in a beautiful manner. Watch the movie to understand how enthusiasm and experience found their ways to mend up their relationship and thus make their lives better.

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