It wasn’t a few weeks back that there was a massive outcry among general public, demanding hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, remdesivir and what not; and now the hot topic has turned into lack of hotel rooms. Indian government was ultimately the scapegoat at the hands of citizens who needed to channelise their vulnerability, fair enough. As the second wave was terminating, owing to the endurance and earnest work of the government, an abominable mass of citizens rush to “celebrate” this conquest by vacationing in Manali, paving way for the third wave of Covid.

Crowded Manali

Not only Manali, crowds can be seen flooding the streets of other hill stations as well; Shimla, Mussourie, Nanital etc. There is a term for this phenomenon, which accurately captures the true sentiments- ‘REVENGE TRAVEL’. This term signifies the anguish of people who had to follow the lockdown rules and stay at home during the pandemic and that too for their own safety, but now are rushing to travel like animals let loose.

Someone said it right, education is no substitute for intelligence as is proven by the abhorrent crowd risking thousands of innocent lives along with theirs. A 5 year old boy who didn’t even has shoes for his feet was seen roaming on the streets of Dharmshala, schooling adults to wear masks, while the tourists shamelessly ignored his plea. This is a clear dichotomy of how wealth and education never ensure a sound and reasonable mind.

When the third wave strikes, the same mass would shamelessly play blame game and accuse government for the current situation. Based on the statistics, health ministry has warned the citizens to be prepared not only for the third wave, but the fourth one as well. If people are ignorant enough to forget the consequences and death toll from second wave, another pandemic is just inevitable.

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