The Disease Isn’t Over yet!

It’s almost been an year and a half since we have been caged in our homes for most of the time. Adults couldn’t go to their offices, children couldn’t go to their schools and coachings, ladies couldn’t go shopping. Holidays seemed useless and the urge to get out, breathe fresh air at mountains and beaches and enjoy the outside world, vacations again is like dream come true to every person in the country. Now as from the start of July after the relaxation in cases after second wave there’s a certain initiation towards beginning of offline schools and colleges along with offices and even openings of tourist places. In such situations the immense curiosity in each one of us to move out now is natural and common. But, the question is ‘In order to acquire our rights to freedom again’, should we forget our duties towards our nation and people around us. Was all the mourning for all the dead people across the country was a lie. And did we even really learn from mistakes done by us during the relaxation after first wave, which lead us to a more deadly return of a COVID wave. The answer can be seen in this picture below;

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The Time to Face Together.

Under such critical circumstances for the whole world, it’s not only the duty of Government to protect the nation but also the responsibility of citizens to understand the situation and act accordingly to preserve themselves from this widespread killer disease.              However, From the start of July itself Indians aren’t found working wisely anymore. Even after so many guidelines, precaution measures and rules been provided to the people they have become careless as shown.                                     We need to understand that the relaxations done by government in travels are firstly for the needy people and then for us amd thereafter for little bit of casual movements here and there while considering the interest of individuals as well. All of us were and are crystal clear with the intensity of the conditions, and the country as a whole needs to deal with it with uttermost sincerity. There are still some states which are yet under high risks and high number of people are suffering regularly. Thousands are bearing the pain of loosing their loved ones. Still there are various alerts for another dangerous variants of virus coming up and the most risky part to be noticed i.e. the upcoming arrival of third Wave. The decision is upon us. Whether we want to enjoy much for a few days and get locked for next few months again or take precautions today and greet a goodbye to these cages and live freely again as soon as possible. Surely, Noone will like to choose Warmly welcoming and providing a home to the virus again over leading you way to a healthy normal life again.


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A very well known fact is “Prevention is better than cure”. One should keep in mind that not all rules are meant to be hated. Some could really be very profitable to you too. Health should always be looked on to as the most important part of life and currently, it has to be your No. 1 priority. The officials are doing their part to keep you safe. Our Doctors are dying forgiving us live, standing like the most efficient soldiers in from of the battleground with one of the biggest emmemies of the world. Hemcex it is our duty to support them. And mainly. Support ourselves and rescue ourselves by following regulations as given by government like; Washing your hands thoroughly each time you return home, avoid going to crowdy places, staying at a distance from anyone, WEARING MASKS, etc. As given in the picture above.

Here are some more precaution methods to be safe:

Guidelines to precaution.