Financial education is something that everyone should know about it .Everybody should know about how to handle their expenses ,how to plan their future, how to start their start-ups .So here is 10 books that helps you in many ways and you should read this book before start your earning or startups. I hope you all find these books as interested as I liked them. Here is the list of 10 books:-

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (1997)

    Genre:-Financial Investment , non-fiction
    Description:-Robert T Kiyosaki is an American author and business man .he is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad company. he wrote rich dad poor dad which is one of the best selling book of New York times .It has sold over 32 million copy . He wrote in book how people denied to accepting the truth and how the fear and greed control them through out their life. He also talks about financial strategies . It’s one of the best book on financial education.

2.Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? (2017)

Author:-Cary Siegel
Genre:- Financial education ,Business
Description:-Cary Siegel is a MBA graduate from a university of Chicago. After Graduating from one of the top business school. He started his carrier in sales and marketing and lead several companies in sales and marketing. He shared his experience and finance lesson that he learned through out of his life.
Why didn’t They Teach Me This in School? covered numerous topics like budgeting, spending, credit cards, investing, mortgages, insurances and much more which you will never learn in your school.

3. The Automatic Millionaire (2003)

Author:- David Bach
Genre:- financial Investment, self-help
Description:-David Bach is an American author, Motivational speaker ,entrepreneur and founder of Finish rich.com.
He wrote many books on finance such as Finish Rich series and Automatic Millionaire series.
The Automatic Millionaire is about how can you become financially stable without taking so much risk or if you are frugal then you must read this book.
“The first person who deserves your money is yourself” by DAVID BACH

4. The One-Page Financial Plan (2015)

Author:- Carl Richards
Genre:- Financial Investment and education
Description:- Carl Richards is a certified Financial planner and the author of The Behavior gap and appearing weekly on New York times since 2010.
The one page financial plan is all about how can you do budgeting and make savings to be fun. Set your future goals but change your strategies according to the situation.

5. I Will Teach You to Be Rich (2009)

Author:- Ramit Sethi
Genre:-Financial education and Investment
Description:-Ramit Sethi is an American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur. he is the best selling author of New York times in 2004.
i Will teach you to be rich talks about how people blame others about their financial problems, smartly spending your earning and start investing from today as it will help you in future.

6. Your Money or Your Life (1992)

Author:-Joseph R. Dominguez, Monique Tilford, and Vicki Robin
Genre:- Financial education and Investment
Description:- Author talks about the minimize spending ,excessive investing and save for Emergencies .

7.  Think and Grow Rich (originally published:-1937)

Author:- Napoleon Hill
Genre:- Non-Fiction, Self-help, Financial education
Description:-Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American author who wrote so many self-help books. Think and Grow rich is one of them and it’s one of the best self-help book of all times.
Hill talks about the belief in yourself ,becoming a stubborn and never your change your decision once you decided and accompany those who are mastermind on your field.

8. The Millionaire Next Door ( originally published:-1996)

Author:-Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko
Genre:- Non-fiction
Description:- Thomas J. Stanley was an American author and business theorist . He wrote The millionaire next door which was the New York times best sellers.
The millionaire next door covered about the healthy spending and avoid silly mistakes that mostly people do to handle their financial expenses. It’s one of the most practical book that I had ever read till now

9. Zero to One (2014)

Author:-Blake Masters and Peter Thiel
Genre:- Business, Politics and Government
Description:-Peter Theil is German-American billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalized. he is the co-founder of PayPal ,Palantir technologies .he was the first outside investor in Facebook .he was ranked four on the Forbes Midas list 2004. peter write about how he thinks about his business and how an you shape the future of the world in the process.

10. The Lean Startup(2011)

Author:-Eric Ries
Genre:-Self-help book
Description:- Eric Ries is an American entrepreneur, blogger and author of The Lean Startup.
the lean startup talk about the customer needs and quickly learn about it, changing the strategies according the customer needs and previous result. Eric Ries divide the book in three section:-
1. vision

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