The starting point of all achievement is desire.” —Napoleon Hill

One needs to aim for the sky, to achieve as much as a mountain in the bargain Success in life comes only to those who are ready to work hard for the same. The key to success is to have an aim in life and the earlier you attain this aim, the better.

In spite of all the new options in today’s times, there are those age-old professions that are a favourite with most of the youngsters all the time. These include, the profession of a doctor, an engineer and that of a teacher or an advocate. I too, wanted to be part of one of these noble professions. If my memory proves me right, I always wanted to be a teacher. What is exciting about teaching is that this is one of the few professions where you are actually dealing with living beings. To make a difference to a child’s life or to positively influence a child in such a way as to bring about good change, is a great achievement in itself. Somewhere, along the path, we are also the product of the reinforcements made by our parents and teachers, one way or the other.

However, even our Puranas reinstate that the teacher or the guru’ comes above God. The reason being that teacher is the person who shows you the way to God, or teaches you, what God is all about. So, if the enlightenment of God and the things around you comes from one particular force, then that is the person to be revered, first.

The responsibility being immense, it’s not an easy job either. If the young minds have to look forward to you as a source of knowledge, then you need to be one. With the quantum of knowledge increasing day by day, it’s a difficult task to keep abreast of the upcoming information. Apart from all this, what is more important in this profession is whole hearted dedication and willingness to work beyond the restrictions of time and assigned duties.

With all this view in mind, I would like to pursue my ambition to be a teacher. It’s anyhow of least importance to assert which subject I would specialize in because subject is not as important, as to know, how to effectively teach it. Be it Maths. English or Science, to develop a flair and love for the subject is a teacher’ s greatest challenge. A bad teacher can always generate an aversion towards the subject in the minds of the children, just by not giving the subject a proper treatment. My ultimate aim would be to be such a teacher who would make a difference in the lives of young minds and bring about their overall development.