Madan op’s justice

Pubg has been a popular game all over the world due to many privacy problems and side effects it has on the youth of the nation India has officially banned it but some of the you tubers were streaming this game for long period of time and this article is about one of the most popular you tuber and one of the highest revenue channel in India

Madan op is now a sensation because of his arrest about him his original name is madan manikkam from vellore who was staying in Chennai with his wife and 8 moths baby . He was also called as Mr . conqueror he is the Asia’s number one player known for his competitive game play and his funny commentary . He has a lots of fan following even though he didn’t reveal his face at any point of time and for his funny slang and hi motivational speeches

The reason behind his arrest is because of his abusive words during his stream but is that the real reason ?

There has been many haters for him from the beginning of his journey when everyone was struggling to get followers and subscribers he had nearly a 10 lakhs subscribers but the problem started when he started a another you tube channel named Toxic madan which is also an 18 + channel.

He has been accused for using abusive a minor girl during his game but one is seeing this in a correct way if a minor girl goes into a 18 + channel 1st she should be punished before madan and another great accusation that he has been getting money by cheating people.

So how does he get rich in three years the reason is he has been streaming for 20 hours a day and the revenue from the live and people’s donation on there own interest in the means of super chat which is totally under you tube terms and condition.

He may not be a good person but he has done many donations and many things to the poor people and people who asked him for his help . so lets hope that he has been severed justice….

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