Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an internet or remote area marketing where customer and dealer purchase and sell products. It is a marketing which can be done on our laptop , PC’s , Computer, Mobile. It consists of various types of marketing on social media like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter etc.

As technology increasing day by day , the way of online marketing also changes rapidly. Digital marketing is just a promotion of ads, brands to a potential customer who is willing to purchase a product. There are some various companies like Flip, , who did online marketing to sell their products to customer.

There are various types of marketing techniques which are similar as digital marketing. These are as following-:

Content Marketing

This is the marketing technique by which you can reach a customer by writing some content. Content marketing deals with the distribution of a valuable contents provide to a customer or customer is retaining or not. Content Marketing taught us how we can deliver our content to a customer so that customer becomes loyal towards us.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a advertising technique where you can promote the products of a company in your websites or blogs to earn money. Many of the companies like Amazon , Walmart , Flip kart have affiliate programs that pay out millions of rupees or dollars who sell their products to remote area customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a technique by which we can promote brands or ads of a product in social media Facebook , Instagram , Twitter etc . to earn money.Using Social media marketing you can generate social trust and awareness among peoples. Peoples are very busy in social media for chatting , by using social media marketing they can utilize their time to earn some trust or money.This is a platform where you can provide availability of a product to a customer so that he/she can retaining your products and generate awareness among another customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a platform of marketing where you can touch with your customers by sending emails to generate awareness among customers. There are many people’s who are confused by unsolicited emails or spams , this is not what Email marketing does. By using Email Marketing we can send the information about products to a customer , if customer wants to purchase the product they can send mail .

Pay Per Click Marketing

The primary goal of this marketing is the paid ads. Pay per Click Marketing is a technique which is used to drive traffic to a websites in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Marketers can set PPC on Instagram, Facebook , P interest and show the ads to the people to purchase the products.

Digital Marketing Challenges/Issues

  • The challenge which a Digital Marketer faces is to generate traffic of the number of individuals who is coming in your website and how long they are staying. More a traffic more customers can purchase a products.
  • Another challenge is that the content which you can showcase in your social media or a channel whether a customer can stay in your channel or not.
  • The challenge is that you can know the technology which are changing from day to day to life.
  • Digital Marketers must convence their brands and ads to people’s to earn money.
  • Digital marketer first take care of that what customer needs, according to customers needs , questions , concerns digital marketer takes decision.

Pros/Cons of Digital Marketing

Pros of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing is Cost Effective as compared to Traditional Market.
  • Digital Marketing is measurable i.e how many peoples reach website, click website, post like, post share,audience retention rate etc.
  • By Digital Marketing we can reach our business globally around the world by sitting at home.
  • Digital Marketing is personalized i.e we have data of customer like email,address,mobile no.

Cons of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Requires skills to grow a business electronically or digitally without skills you cannot perform digital marketing.
  • Digital Marketing is time consuming i.e it takes time to grow your skills, business etc.
  • In Digital Marketing there is High Competition to reach globally in a world.
  • In Digital Marketing customer can complain to a social media that his brand is not so good ,their may be chances of negative responses from customers then ratings of product decreases.

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