Advantages and disadvantages of social media

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In todays life social media has become a very vital and essential part of our life. and the extent of its need is that at we cant live even a single day without social media. Its like we drink water to survive, same is for social media(for most of the people),we cant imagine ourselves without it. But first of all , the questions arises…how it has gained this much of importance?

If we look back.. (say 20 years back) those were the days when social media was not much popular not everyone knew about that but with the passage of time, it gained popularity. People started liking it because of its benefits. the relatives which lives far from our home we have no clue about them that what is going on their life was made possible due to social media. which we could have never imagined. it has not only changed personal life but also professional life. communication has been made much easier with the help of social media.

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Through Social media people were able to adopt digital marketing instead of offline. these are some of the benefits of social media, due to which Social media became such popular and essential part in one’s life.

Advantages of social media

There are several advantages of social media , but some of the advantages that i would like to state are:-

1.It has made communication in both (personal and professional ) relations very easy and strong .we are just a message far from communicating with our loved ones .it has created a huge network to connect people .people are getting new friends through social media and in professional life also people are they are able to get lot of knowledge .

2.Through social media , we are able to share our qualities and skills to whole world which we sometimes hesitate to share face to face. Due to which we are able to connect with our mentors ,friends and role models .we can also express ourselves in social media.

3.carrier building is one of the most important use of social media. and social media allows us to connect with specific people or pages that keeps us updated about current affairs, that gives us tips and guide us to achieve our goals.

4. One of the most important use of social media nowadays is it keeps our mental state(if used properly) good. there are many things in social media that makes our mood happy and one of the most important thing in this is none other than ‘Memes’.

memes are anything (image , video or anything else) which has humor in it which is shared by internet users to each others. They are made from any film, real life incident or current affairs, that is liked by all over the world.

5.And last but not the least , during this pandemic social media helped us a lot. it created awareness among people to wear mask and maintain social distancing and many important information were exchanged through social media.

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Disadvantages of social media

As earlier we discussed about advantages of social media, there are equal number of disadvantages of social media some of the disadvantages are listed below:-

1.Anything that is overused is harmful for us, same is applied for social of the major problems of social media is that people spends lot of time in these social networking sites searching irrelevant things .That are of no use instead of using it the right way, people( specially teenagers ) are always busy in social media. They are addicted to social media, especially teenagers are busy with social media which eventually lead to cut off to society and physical meeting to each other.

2.cyberbullying is one of the biggest disadvantage of social media people are creating fake accounts and doing whatever they want with it without being has become very common and bully anyone on the internet .This also includes death threats ,fake rumor and discomforting anyone which can have effect in victims mental state.

3. Social media helps people in relationships but some people cheats others with fake feelings and totally wrong in formation about them.

4.Hacking is also a concern in using social media. People’s personal data and privacy can be easily hacked and can be misused .which can also cause financial loss to the person. We always hear news that famous celebrity’s or politician twitter account been hacked. this is a very serious problem. when these VIP people’s account can be hacked with such ease so what about us .This is very serious issue. media also cause health issues. People are not adopting healthy lifestyle they are busy in social media till late nights and waking up late in morning that is affecting health .people are not adopting healthy lifestyle which can cause some serious health issues.


we discussed about social media and its effect in our life.we came into a conclusion that social media is very important and essential in one’s life but the miost important thing is to use it the right way and in a limited amount.