An Application

Respected Sir/Madam

Education administration is a fast-changing field that requires knowledge of modern classroom practices and insights in student behavior. My experiences in education and administration make me the ideal candidate for this position.

The position listing for principal stated that you were searching for a candidate who could develop and maintain curriculum standards. I served as a teacher for seventeen years before entering administration and am keenly aware of the state and local standards for curriculum development.

I might not have sparkling marks and dazzling grades up to post graduation due to many reasons, but nevertheless, this lacuna always has kept me awaken and stimulated to impart updated education to my students at every level of their academic growth and aspiring career to score big, achieve high.

Close to 19 years of sound academic experience in more than one school has accustomed me to various teaching-learning and working experience. Employed in various capacity right from common teacher to HOD English to academic coordinator and finally to an esteemed post of a Principal has given me ample space, time, authority and opportunity to groom my pedagogic skill, academic quality, planning ability, leadership efficiency, administrative proficiency and management capacity, appropriately.

As a School Principal, I am nurtured, experienced and accumulated with vital information related to School leadership, Operation, Management, Administration, Marketing, Teaching, Training, planning and community relationship building. Being a priest of English, Sound writing and communication skills have always assisted me to be resourceful and updated at every level of my progress.

Educational requirements change quickly, and principals often act as liaisons between the state and the teaching staff. My experience in curriculum development has helped me be able to interpret state standards and communicate them efficiently to my colleagues. As a principal, I would be comfortable holding everyone accountable for these rapidly changing standards.

My resume highlights specific examples of my administrative and leadership duties, my strong problem-solving, creative thinking, and long-range planning abilities. Additionally, I am adept in communicating with a diverse population.

I relish the range of challenges that are part of this job and enjoy working with students, parents, and teachers. My interests, strengths and abilities, along with my experience, I believe, are exactly what you want for this position. I hope you will give me the opportunity of a personal interview to help me understand your needs better and explain to you in greater detail how I can contribute to your school system.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours Sincerely