Bastille Day – Ode to French Glory

Toleration is the prerogative of humanity; we are all full of weaknesses and mistakes; let us reciprocally forgive ourselves. It is the first law of nature.”


The Bastille Day is quite an unheard term in most of the parts of the world, unless you are a Francophone of course. The day commemorates the qualities of valour, unity and egalitarianism, which were on display when a huge crowd of people set off to destroy the gigantic prison, Bastille located in central Paris on 14th July, 1789. It symbolized the commencement of the French Revolution, against the existing Bourbon monarchy in mainland France.

The streets around France are usually flogged with cheerful families, enjoying leisurely activities. There is a beautiful spectacle at display at the Champs-Elysees, the epicentre of all celebration. The military parade, consisting of several reputed officers, show the strength of the armed forces, in a synchronised form. Similarly, a Bastille Day without a sense of firecrackers would be like having a meal without salt, so there are going to be several firecrackers display across Paris.

Wishing everyone a happy Bastille Day in advance. Joyeux jour de la Bastille

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