Behind The Scenes!

“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles and you are here now with the power to shape your day and the future.”

  • Steve Maraboli

Today’s article highlights, ‘Behind the Scenes of Article Writing’. Yes! It is similar to the Behind The Scenes shown during shoots for sitcoms and TV serials.

However, there is a difference. There is no shooting here. I shall be discussing the ‘Off screen tasks’ I perform when framing the articles. So, Lights. Camera. Action! Let’s begin.

Thinking Over The Topic!

Greatest struggle everrrrr! Thinking over a relevant topic for my amazing audience out there is a complex task. There have been times when I just sat at the laptop, staring at the blank word document, wondering what to write and then after realizing that I am out of the ‘mood’ factor, I shut the laptop and decide to work over it maybe later! But still, I manage to come up with some interesting topics for all of my enthusiastic readers who show so much love and appreciation towards my work. Thank you for that! 🙂

Making Word Errors!

Another one of my struggles. While writing the articles, there are many such word errors which I make, while typing with excess speed on the keyboard. I know, I know, the solution is to type with a relaxed pace but I just can’t help it. For me, Writing without speed is like writing without passion.

Working On ‘Perfection’!

Perfection is the key to efficient work. So, that’s exactly my motto. I look forward to adding friendly and interactive connotations in order to make reading an easier task for you!

Thinking Over Framing Of Sentences!

Framing of sentences in an accurate manner is so essential. English is rather a complex language and one needs to be careful in choosing proper set of words that don’t sound impertinent. So, yes! Working over it is a task but that doesn’t actually freak me out!

Sitting Alone In Peace While Writing!

That is so important for me. When writing, I shut the door to my room and just breathe, letting fresh air stroke my mind calmly. Then come the topics which pass my mind like a slideshow and I select the appropriate ones for you!

Thinking Over The Topics And Jotting Them Down For Future Reference!

In that slideshow of thoughts, there occur two or more ‘apposite’ topics which I feel the need to jot down and use them later without forgetting the ‘creativity’ factor in them of course.

Pondering Over The Birth Of Various Fictitious Characters!

Since our company recently incorporated Fiction in the publishing options, I felt the need to make some of the writing medium speak ranging from the inkpot to the laptop! It may sound crazy but that is what makes fiction such an amazing genre. This genre allows you to be crazy and senseless!

Famous Fictional Characters Everyone Knows

These were some of the steps I take, in order to ensure that good content turns out (specifically for the articles). Thank you for tuning in! You are free to contemplate over the message if you want to! 😉

Happy Writing! 🙂

Thank You For Reading!